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About our Passover Seders

About our Passover Seders



First Seder | Second Seder | Photos | Menu | Directions | Reservations

About Our Seders

This Passover please join us for one or both Seders for a Passover experience you will remember for a lifetime. Relive the exodus, discuss Passover's relevance today, and celebrate the freedom of Passover in the same way our ancestors have over the last 3,330 years.

Both our Seders are easy to follow and interactive. They are integrated with meaningful insights, stimulating discussions, delightful food, song and Jewish humor. The atmosphere is warm and friendly.


First Seder Night- Monday April 10 2017
at The Rocky Mountain Room - Front Range Community College - 3645 W 112th Ave Westminster, CO 80031

This Seder is geared for singles, couples and families of all ages who appreciate an early finishing Seder but don't want to miss out on the beautiful Seder traditions and meaningful commentary. Our children's program also makes this a great choice for families with young children.


kid eating matzah.jpg

Children’s Seder Program
Monday April 10 6:30-9:30 pm

Program includes, kids Seder menu, art & crafts and clown show and Seder games.

Reservation for program required - please email the ages of kids attending the program


First Night Seder Schedule 

Dinner - 6:30 PM

Holiday Candle Lighting 7:15 PM

Seder Readings 7:40 PM

Mah Nishtana - 8:00 PM

Matzah and Bitter Herbs- 8:15 PM

Dessert and Afikomen- 8:50 PM

Cup of Elijah and Grace - 9:15 PM

Seder Songs - 9:20 PM

Approx Conclusion - 9:30 PM

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Second Seder Night- Tuesday April 11

at Chabad of NW Metro Denver - 4505 W 112th Ave - Westminster CO 80031

Rabbi Benjy and Leah Brackman open their family Seder to the community. This Seder will include all the traditions including a nightfall start.

The younger members of the Brackman family enrich the Seder experience by providing commentary, explanations and songs.

Second Night Seder Schedule

Holiday Evening Services and Candle Lighting Ceremony 8:15 pm

Seder Kiddush 8:30 pm

Mah Nishtana and Seder readings 8:45 pm

Matzah and bitter herbs 9:30 pm

Passover Meal 10:00 pm

Dessert and Afikomen 10:35 pm

Cup of Elijah and Grace 10:50 pm

Seder Songs 11:15 pm

Approx conclusion 12:00 am

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See our photos from last years seder


Our Seder Menu


Gefilta Fish, Coleslaw, Turkish Eggplant Salad & Beet Salad




Matzoh Ball Chicken Soup


** *


Main Entrée

Choice of:


Chicken in Wine Sauce,

Poached Lemon Salmon

Vegetarian Vegetable Soufflé


Each dish will be served with

Potato Kugel, Roasted Vegetable Medely

& Kishka


* * *



chocolates - Nut Cookies - Chocolate Cookies

Fresh Fruit

Tea & Coffee


* * *

Choice of Seder wines

Red, dry, semi sweet, grape juice
Hand baked Shmurah Matzah

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First Night Seder Monday April 10 at Front Range Community College - 3645 W 112th Ave Westminster CO

Second Night Seder Tuesday April 11 at Chabad of NW Metro Denver 4505 W 112th Ave. Westminster, CO 80031

Please note that all reservations are final and any cancellations will be considered a donation and will be used for people who can't afford the seder.