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Hip Hop Purim

Hip Hop Purim


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Join Chabad of NW Metro Denver as we celebrate Purim 2013 in a glowing manner

Sunday February 24th at 3:-6:pm City Park recreation Center 10455 Sheridan Blvd.  Westminster

  • Interactive Megilla Reading
  • Delectable Purim Feast/Dinner
  • Amazing Poppin and B-Boying dance show by the very talented "Traveling Performers"
  • Cyr wheel
  • Break-dancing clinic for kids
  • Music and Dancing
  • Clown show for the kiddies
  • Come in Masquerade  

Entertainment and fun for the whole family

After Feb 18 Adult $15 Child $10

Family Max $54

Hip Hop Purim Party Menu

  • Challah
  • Chicken soup
  • Carrot lintel soup
  • Persian chick pea stew - vegan 
  • Roast
  • Chicken
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Fresh garden salad
  • Hearts of palm and avocado  salad
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Kasha varnishkas
  • Rice
  • Leah’s Eggplant salad
  • Hamantashen
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Fruit


About Popping and B-boying and Cyr Wheel
Popping is a street dance and one of the original funk styles that came from California, in the African American community during the 1960s-1970s. It is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop or a hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of a song in combination with various movements and poses.

B-boying or breaking, often called breakdancing, is a style of street dance that originated as a part ofhip hop culture among African American and Latino youths in New York City during the early 1970s. While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, b-boying consists of four primary elements: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.

Cyr wheel (also known as the roue Cyrmono wheel, or simple wheel) is an acrobatic device popularized in the early 21st century. It consists of a single large, metal hoop [1] and is used in a similar manner to a German wheel, with the acrobat rolling the wheel around the stage from the inside.