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Join us and learn about Kabbalah-based, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Special Forces stress management

You are on a special mission behind enemy lines. The enemy is chasing you. Your mission is complete, but the journey home is even more perilous. As you quietly make your way across a rocky embankment in the dark, you hear the tell-tale sounds of enemy soldiers as they approach your position. Your heart is pounding. Exhausted, famished and dehydrated, you know that one false move could be your last.

Fortunately, we don't have to face such pressure in our daily lives. But we can employ the same techniques employed by elite, Special Forces commando army units to keep their cool under the most intense pressure.

The instructor, Dr. Gill Heart, served in an elite special forces, commando unit of the IDF. During the presentation, Gill will touch on a simple 3-step process that enables to remain under control. The goal: Mind in Control - techniques and exercises will be taught and practiced that enable to remain under control during stressful, every-day, life events.

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Gill_Heart,_PhD.JPGGill Heart, PhD was born and raised in Israel. He served for over 6 years in an elite, Special Forces unit in the IDF. He received his PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering from London University, moved to the US and became an entrepreneur.

Over the past 10 years Dr. Heart has been seriously studying Torah, Jewish mysticism, and Kabbalah. 

Gill implements Kabbalistic knowledge of how to control emotional responses to stress by utilizing the same Special Forces techniques he practiced during his service. The outcome is a rapid improvement in personal and corporate performance.

For more information visit www.MindinControl.net

Cost: $18 – Adults, $10 children 12 and under

Families with children under five can receive a discount by signing up at Mazeltot.org