NW Metro Denver’s first ever Holocaust memorial will not be carved in stone. It will be inked on parchment, by hand, by a scribe learned in the ancient art of Hebrew calligraphy.

After the painstaking inscription of 304,805 letters, this inked parchment will be a stronger, more enduring tribute to the memory of the Holocaust’s victims than any statue because it will be a Torah scroll, a Sefer Torah.

The Torah, a Divine gift to the Jewish people some 3,300 years ago and a guiding light for all, will be dedicated in memory of the victims of the Holocaust and as a testimony to the strength of the Jewish people, unbroken, unbowed, proud and strong.

When the Holocaust Memorial Torah is near completion in September 2018, we will have a joyful community-wide celebration to welcome this great new addition to our community.

The Jewish people are likened to a Torah scroll, and every individual - old or young, influential or average Joe - is like one of its letters.

We are all one, interdependent and equally important. If any letter is missing from the Torah, the whole scroll is invalid for use. This is why it is so important for you to take part in the writing of a Torah scroll.

You are invited to partner in this unique project. The dedication of a Torah ornament, Book of Torah... a Parshah/Portion ... a Verse... a Word ... a Letter... of Torah is a wonderful opportunity to honor a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, a birthday, rejoice in a wedding anniversary, thank a friend, remember a loved one, bless your children.

Your gift towards this magnificent scroll will serve as a constant reminder of our history and commitment to those who have gone before us.

The Holocaust Memorial Torah was initiated by a generous gift from Maureen and Stuart Phillips

 Please click here to make your Holocaust Memorial Torah Dedication