The 2018 winning numbers are 

Gift card 616 Jeffery Kass

Gift card 744 Chani Lakein

Jewish library 1014

Apple products 1742

For the kids stuff 1992

Kalaty Rug 0065 Howie Blank

Luxury watch 1421

50,000 am/ex miles 0134 Clink Greenbaum

$10,000 CASH. 1622

Thank you for making this campaign a success!



Please act now!  Sarah, Ira and Rachel are counting on your help! 


Help Sarah a cancer patient and newly arrived immigrant from Israel. 

Sarah was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and needs emotional and financial support. Can you help her during this critical time by purchasing a raffle ticket and assuring the care we provide continues?

Give Ira a widower, a weekly visitor! 

Ira was very active in his community and synagogue until his memory starting fading. He is now in a care facility in Westminster and is lonely for visitors and company. Your donation of $250 will cover three months of care packages, including fresh challah and chicken soup for Shabbat to Ira and others in similar situations.

Send Eight year old Rachel to Summer Day Camp. 

Rachel desperately needs a camp scholarship. Her dad recently walked out, leaving her mom to provide for the family on her meager, salary. Your raffle ticket purchase, provides Rachel with an exciting week at our summer day camp!