One Shabbat Two great programs

A weekend of spiritual pleasure,  Jewish song and culinary delight
With Mordechai Mark Mishori
Friday February 2nd - Saturday February 3rd

Complete Children’s Program with experienced staff throughout
both events.

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Lectures to include

Friday Night
Shabbat Dinner 6:45 pm Lecture 8 pm*

The Shechina - Hidden Partner in the Marital Relationship
G‑d’s holy presence comes into the home through the intimacy in the
relationship between husband and wife. Mordechai will share Jewish secrets and practical tools for making marriage meaningful.

Shabbat Lunch Feb. 3
Tu B'Shevat Seder & Lecture 11:30 am**
Emerging from Within:  Tu B'Shevat Seder
Tu B'Shevat is the New Year for trees and the Tu B'Shevat Seder allows our Jewish spirituality to emerge and begin to flow. Mordechai will lead the Kabbalistic seder with a focus on the significance to our own lives.

*Shabbat Evening Services begin at 6 pm
**Morning Services begin at 9 am Torah Reading 10 am

About Mordechai Mishory
Mordechai Mark Mishory is a Denver psychotherapist in private practice and is a senior lecturer at The Jewish Experience where he teaches Jewish spirituality, philosophy, and inner self-development. He holds an MS degree in Counseling Psychology, is a Spiritual Life Coach and certified in EMDR- a treatment modality for trauma and PTSD.  Mordechai was born in Israel and he and his wife, artist Arel (Rachel) Mishory, lived for many years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, before coming to Denver.

Friday night Menu
Individual Challah rolls
Garden salad with pomegranate-raspberry vinaigrette
Gefilte fish
Baba ganosh (eggplant salad)
Matzo ball soup
Pineapple chicken
Potato kugle
Vegetable medley quiche
Caramelized onion green beans
Napoleons in chocolate sauce
Tea & Coffee


Shabbos lunch
Individual Challah rolls
Gefilte fish
Garden salad with hearts of palm
Coleslaw with toaster almonds
Baba ganosh (eggplant salad)
Vegetable lo-mien
Vegetarian kishke
New York Deli roll
Chocolate pecan pie Tea & Coffee