Friday Night May. 4
Shabbat Dinner 7:00 pm Lecture 8 pm

Connecting the Dots: Creating Healthy Relationships
According to Kabbalah, we can transcend the boundaries of reality through a fusion of independent parts.  In terms of human relationships, this means that two people can go further together than either of them could alone. 

The Connecting the Dots Workshop will explore the forces that draw people together into romantic relationships, friendships,
professional partnerships, and more.  Learn to
create and maintain healthy bonds that nurture unity and celebrate individuality.

Shabbat Lunch May. 5
Shabbat Lunch & lecture 11:30 am

The Mystical Mind:  Fusing Kabbalah and Psychology
The Jewish Sages teach that reality is like a tapestry.  We typically see only the back - a seemingly random array of knots, loose threads, - while the orderly front side often remains
 hidden from us, except in brief moments of insight.  Basic Kabbalistic concepts can be implemented throughout the day, that help us develop a holistic perception that dispels the apparent randomness of our daily lives and makes us more in tune with the tapestry's front side - an orderly vision full of detail and color that radiates the complete expression of the Great Artist.

This Mystical Mind Workshop incorporates this perspective into a modern psychological framework and outlines how one's personal growth fits into the greater framework of Tikkun Olam. (repair/completion of the world).

Complete Children’s Program with experienced staff throughout
both events

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