Celebrate Israel's 60th birthday with an Israeli Cuisine Shabbat Dinner and Guest Speaker Uriel Malka

On Friday April 4th, celebrate Israel's 60th birthday with an Israeli Cuisine Shabbat Dinner.

The evening will feature guest speaker Uriel Malka:

Uriel and his wife Ortal are emissaries to the Denver Jewish community from the Jewish Agency is Israel (Sachnut).

Uriel will relate his experiences as a Tsanchanim - Paratrooper in the 2nd Lebanon war (2006) and discuss the military challenges that Israel currently faces from it's enemies in the Middle East.

During Uriel's presentation his wife Ortal will lead the children in an Oneg Shabbat program that will include stories and Israeli songs.

This is a program you won't want to miss. Space is limited so book now by clicking this link or by calling 303.429.5177.

The program will be held at the Chabad House 4505 W 112 Ave Westminster.

Shabbat Services will be held at 6:30 Dinner and Presentation at 7:00.

Cost: Adult $10 Child $6