Become unforgettable. Jump-start your creativity. Get out of hot water. Gain control of tense situations. Win impossible business. Create a positive culture. Engage employees. Engage customers. Reduce burnout. Raise productivity. Build better relationships with your family. And enjoy work more than ever before!

What makes this all happen? The effective use of humor at home and in the workplace.

Using positive humor creates an immediate bond between people, evoking feelings of camaraderie. Humor enhances receptivity, reduces resistance, and sets a tone of familiar cooperation rather than contention. This interactive program explores how to use humor, creativity, and engagement strategies to make an organization and you home more positive, productive, and fun. You will learn to tap into your unique sense of humor… a skill essential to creating the rapport that will pave the way to better relationships and better results. By putting the tools and tactics from this entertaining and insightful program into play, you will soon discover that those who laugh, last! Come ready to lighten up, meet new people and have some of fun. Learn to make healthy choices congruent with your values and desired outcomes. You’ll leave feeling better about yourself, and hopefully, with a better attitude.

Sometimes, the best way to learn is by laughing! Scott Friedman is a motivational humorist who gets audience members laughing while opening their minds to new ideas. With over 2000 speeches in his 23-year speaking career, Scott knows how to connect with audiences worldwide. With a sharp sense of cultural diversity, Scott appropriately crafts his message to bring relevant value to his audiences.
His improvisational skills, customized humor, and delightful nature add a refreshing quality to each program.
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