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Ushpizin is a rare collaboration between secular and ultra-Orthodox Israelis. The screenwriter, Shuli Rand, and his wife, Bat Sheva Rand, who play a stressed out married couple, are ultra-Orthodox.

The formerly secular Mr. Rand won an Israeli Film Academy Award for his performance in Ushpizin. With permission from his rabbi, he teamed up with the director, Gidi Dar, an old friend, to make the movie.

The Rands' characters, Moshe and Malli Bellanga, are a devout but childless couple struggling to make ends meet. Both are intensely emotional. A robust woman with a temperament as fiery as her husband's, Mrs. Rand's character, Malli is the furthest thing from a wilting handmaiden bowing and scraping before her husband. Ushpizin reflects Mr. Rand's secular-to-religious history by suggesting that Moshe's wild past suddenly catches up with him. And the scraps of information revealed about his younger days suggest that he was once a formidable hell-raiser.  Like the famous “Fiddler on the Roof,” stylistically Ushpizin belongs to a classic tradition of Yiddish comedy that sustains a double vision of ultra-Orthodox life.

“Ushpizen renders us helpless
to the singular pleasures of a
fable perfectly told.”
-Jan Stuart, New York Newsday

“Groundbreaking...a joyful
affirmation of unshakable faith.”
-Stephen Holden, New York Times

“One of the best character-based comedies of the year.”
- Bob Strauss, LA Times

2004 Israel awards
Winner Best picture 
Winner Best actor

A movie that takes you into the neighborhoods of
Jerusalem where no camera ever went.

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